Green Street Rescue

Iris Rescue of the week

Iris was found along with her 2 month old son up off of Wissahickon Ave late one night when they wondered onto kind lady's porch begging for food. Little did they know they hit the lottery that night. The lady immediately took them inside, gave them all the food and water they could eat and called Green Street Rescue for help! The next day we picked up Isis and her son (now called Riley) and got them to the vet where they were spayed/neutered, given their vaccines, and received a clean bill of health. Iris has really transitioned well to her new life indoors. She loves to snuggle and play, and has even made friends with some of her canine foster brothers! If you are interested in welcoming this cuddle bug into your family please email or visit our website to fill out an application. You really won't be sorry!

Remmy Needs your help!

Remmy is a happy playful rescue about 7 mths old who , once rescued, managed to get a distal femur fracture right above the knee cap on his left rear leg . He was playing too hard with his fellow foster mates and must have jumped from a high place and landed wrong the weekend before Xmas. He needed surgery at VSEC immediately and on 12/23 he had pins put in his bone to fix his painful injury. He came home the next day with pain meds and two weeks of antibiotics and a collar he hates and is good at getting off! No cast could be used due to the precarious location of the fracture. He will take 5-6 weeks to heal. He also came home with a vet bill over $2800 and needs help to cover the cost! If you would like to help Remmy run and play again please send a donation. Remmy sends his thanks and wishes all a Happy MEW Year!

Cats need your help, adopt now

Adopt one cat for $100 or two cats for $100
You see, double the fun, half the worry!

Like cats, but can't have one?

Please think about donating! A lot of people volunteer a lot of time for these critters! We need financial assistance to keep running.

Want to help, but can't have a permanent cat?

Please think about fostering! A lot of people volunteer a lot of time for these critters! We need financial assistance to keep running.