Welcome to Green Street Rescue

Welcome To Green Street Rescue

The adoption fee is the same for two cats, $100, as it is for a single cat so consider adopting a pair!
Twice the fun and half the worry.

Featured Rescue of the month:


I was wandering the streets and made myself know to a feeder at 25th and Siegel Streets. Then I got pregnant, and decided it was time to come inside! The streets are just no place to raise a family. That nice feeder made some phone calls, and this nice women came to pick me up! I then moved into her foster home, and even got to take on nursing some foster kittens that were in need of a mom! I am just so grateful!
I like human company and think I'm pretty outgoing. I know how to play nicely with other cats, but would prefer to be the queen of my own castle.
Hugs, Goldie


Green Street Rescue (GSR) is an all volunter non-profit whose goal is to humanely reduce the stray cat population in Philadelphia, through rescue work and the practice of Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) for feral cats.

GSR is looking for fosters! If you are interested in being a foster for Green Street Rescue please click here and fill out our foster application!

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