Green Street Rescue

Le Cat Café - Come visit Philly's first cat cafe!

Wish you could hang out with cats before adopting? Can't adopt, but want to spend some time with cats? Come visit Le Cat Cafe, GSR's cat adoption platform. Check out our website for location, hours and booking appointments.

Cats need your help, adopt now

Adopt one cat for $135 or two cats for $190
You see, double the fun, half the worry!*

Like cats, but can't have one?

Please think about donating! A lot of people volunteer a lot of time for these critters! We need financial assistance to keep running. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE because Green Street Rescue (GSR) is a Philadelphia non-profit (501c3).

Want to help, but can't have a permanent cat?

Please think about fostering! If you like the thought of having a cat until it gets adopted, this is a great option.

*Sales tax is included in prices above.