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I rescued, fostered, and ultimately ended up adopting Tony! I found Tony sitting in the middle of a busy intersection in Philadelphia. I couldn't tell what it was at first, but as I got closer I saw two pointy ears, slammed on my breaks, opened my ca...more
Charlie is a sweet, shy, boy who was rescued out of a feral colony when he was a sick, sick, kitten! I adopted him when he was about 6 months old, and as you can see he has grown into a happy, healthy boy. He loves to take naps, play with his toys, a...more
At first coming to Philadelphia and living alone was overwhelming. I'd always had cats growing up and I was yearning for the love and affection that only a furry friend can give. At first I fostered Forest and I knew about a week into having him in m...more
I had rescued tigger about 13 years ago from green street. He was the best little man one could ever have. Very lively out going sensitive little man. But unfortunately I had to put him down 2 weeks ago. He had gotten sick, after blood work and x-ray...more
Sabrina & Sassafras
These pretty bonded sisters were in foster care for 5+ months when a wonderful couple happened to be looking for a pair and came upon them online. Sabrina and Sass are very loved in their new home. They are described as very affectionate love bugs. G...more
Rocco and Valentino
We lost our beloved PJ in February and I thought I would never fill the hole in my heart. A friend was fostering Rocco, who he found in a vacant home that was for sale and we adopted him. Rocco was frisky and fun but we felt he was lonely. A few week...more
This is Chloe. We adopted her about 2 months ago. From the first day we brought her home, she was the leader of the pack. She keeps our 72-pound dog Jackson on his toes. He gets out of her way when he sees her coming. Chloe has also brought fun and e...more
Aminda and Riz gave Julia a wonderful foster home! She was very tiny and tired of street life at time of rescue. Julia seemed to appreciate the opportunity to rest and observe, as other cats and loving people created a world of safety at Aminda's pla...more
Fi was found living with three other female cats, near 31st and Stanley Streets in Philadelphia. She was nursed back to health by Green Street Rescue, and adopted by us almost two years ago. She is a sweet girl who follows us where ever we go. She al...more
Tia & McGregor
We were fortunate to get to know Tia & McGregor prior to adopting their awesome selves. Tia is adventurous and adorable and McGregor is “crazy” loving. They love each other and are playful with one another. We love them both very much and our li...more
We were looking for a playful cat and Kathy was spot-on when she thought Remmy would be for us! He is the king of the house and extremely intelligent. He loves being around people, snuggling, getting into trouble (he's learned to open drawers and j...more
We wanted a friend for our male cat Remmy and Kathy was right again with suggesting Macy. She is a sweet little angel and loves Remmy with all her heart. She loves to play, purr, wash Remmy's face and give us kisses. She enjoys carrying her toys i...more
If it were not for Green Street Rescue I would have never met Tilly! From the moment I saw Tilly's photo and story on here, I fell in love right away. The day I went to bring her home was the first day I met her. After months Tilly came out of her sh...more
Lover Boy
He named himself after arriving in his forever home 10 years ago. GSR found him living with a feral colony, but this guy was anything but feral. Just my luck- and his,too! Thank you GSR for being living kitty angels.
We had been looking for a companion cat for our 2 year-old Red Paw rescue, Melvin, and middle-aged Westie, Tucker. Humphrey won us over at the Fairmount Pet Shoppe with his surprisingly loud purr motor and enthusiastic snuggles. It took him no time a...more
Boris was diagnosed with FiV and rescued in May 2015. Boris is the sweetest, most loving and cuddly cat that I could have ever hoped for! He loves snuggling, looking out the window, and exploring. Don't let a positive diagnosis of FiV deter you from ...more
Shishito (Formally known as Aesop)
Shishito aka 'Shish' aka 'Shishi' aka 'Shish Potato' aka 'Sugar Puff' aka 'Big Boy' is doing mighty fine in his new home in Brewerytown. Shishito enjoys napping, napping, waking mom and dad up, napping and of course EATING! A diet plan plus lots of t...more
Lover Boy
Green Street Rescue found Lover Boy living with a feral colony in Philadelphia, but he was anything but feral. In fact, he named himself by demonstrating his affectionate purrrsonality. Adopted as an adult on 2/6/2005, he has since moved with his f...more
We adopted Silk in December 2015 after losing our Kaya who was 16yrs old. I can not wait to get home every day to see my little girl who just turned 1. She greets me at the top if the steps every day a little choppy hello and one of her babies ( a ...more
We stopped in at Le Cat Cafe, initially to meet another cat we were considering adopting. Out of nowhere, this petite little lady appeared, walked right over to me, and looked up with her two gorgeous eyes. I scooped her up, and she snuggled up close...more
We adopted Stella a few weeks ago. Although she gets along well with our other cats, she's inseparable from our 2 dogs! The 3 of them travel as a pack around the house - it's a riot! We all love her to pieces. Thanks Green Street!
George Michael (formerly Windsor)
He is the best cat I could have ever found! He was found on the streets months ago and brought in by Green Street Rescue, and thankfully they took care of him until we could find each other. It didn't take him long to adjust in my home. He loves to ...more
I adopted Pia two weeks ago after a long search for a kitty study buddy. I immediately fell in love with Pia (and her perfect name) at the cat cafe. Affectionately nick-named "Princess P," she has made herself right at home chasing the laser pointer,...more
Kotzebue, Shiva, and Oleander
Oleander (bottom right) was adopted from Green Street in October 2013. Shiva (formally Timmer - center) was adopted from Green Street in January 2017. Their orange tabby brother Kotzebue (formally Morris - top left) was adopted from Project MEOW in S...more
Milo and Callie
Milo and Callie are brother and sister and adopted together. They are best friends! They play together, sleep together, and pester their owners for food together! Both are happy and loving pets who are great snugglers.
Piper Renae Smeltzer
I got my beloved Piper from green street rescue's Le Cat Cafe in October of 2016 (At the cafe she was known as Freckles) I went there just for fun but fell in love with her. Getting my landlord to agree was a challenge but it was all worth it. I look...more
We adopted Dexter (formerly Bigelow / Bandit) only a week ago but he feels part of the family already. He adjusted so quickly to his new home and new humans. He loves to follow us around, snuggle on the couch, and sleep with us in bed. He already wal...more
I rescued Evie a little while ago and she is an absolute joy! She is never more than two steps behind me, there to supervise, cuddle, and contribute her chirpy responses to any conversation. So grateful to green street rescue for helping me find my ...more
Sailor is now my best buddy, I treat her like a dog and she loves it. Here she is sleeping because we just got back from a walk on her leash. That video will be forthcoming...
We adopted CLEO after visiting Le Cat Cafe. They were so wonderful there, we spent time together and I just felt that she would be a perfect match for our family. She has adjusted so well, has become even more loving and attentive with just a few day...more
After meeting our cat at Le Cat Cafe we knew she was the right cat to join us in our home. She was just over 2 years old and was waiting for a long time in a foster home. Her name was Nella but we changed it to Butterscotch because of her unique colo...more
Mo and Buzz
My fiance and I met Mo and Buzz through a foster family, Dawn and Bob and we really clicked with them right away. We brought them home and they warmed right up to their new place! They're brothers and best friends, and we are tickled to have them. Th...more
We adopted Margo a month ago from Green Street Rescue and she is having a great holiday! She loves to pick off all the yarn pom poms from her tree, and watch squirrels from the windows. This year I am thankful for organizations like GSR who provide s...more
Lover Boy
He named himself. GSR found him living among a feral colony & we adopted him in January 2005. He still loves everyone he meets & everyone loves him back.
I rescued Dunkirk at the beginning of November. He has the biggest heart (and paws) of any cat I have met. He loves scratches, belly rubs, and following his people around the house just in case there's even more love to be had. Since coming home, he'...more
Taz & Gee
We visited Le Cat Café with the intention of bringing home (at least) one kitten and ended up with two! This 5-month old bonded brother/sister duo have mutually fallen in love with their new Mom/Dad, and were quick to adapt to their new home. While ...more
Coal Train
Coal Train is a super loving kitty with lots of playful energy. He is the perfect playmate for Zoe, my 1 1/2 year old that I rescued as well. She was lonely and bored and I knew she would appreciate having another kitty around. She is now happy and ...more
Parkoa and Samosa
We are told our two kittens were part of a litter of four. My husband has had pets his whole life, but these were my first two furry friends. Pakora (the female calico) is adventurous and loves to hunt her little felt balls around the house. She is h...more
Zeke is a special man. We have been through a lot with him and he is loving in his own special way. He gets along with his "siblings" overall. He is a resilient, cute, and a rather "chill" man and we are glad that he is part of our lives!
She is loving and cuddles well. We are glad that she is ours! She is a special cat.
I first went to Le Cat Cafe for a visit with a friend with no intention of adopting, but Charcoal was too polite and too friendly to resist! He loves to crawl into your lap and roll around. He is constantly asking for pets and belly rubs (how strange...more
GSR found Rosie wandering the streets of Fairmount on a wintery day. Within days, a woman came to meet her and knew instantly that she wanted to adopt Rosie. Rosie had a virus and was lovingly cared for by GSR until she was able to be adopted two w...more
Liberty (formally Moriah) joined my family about a month ago. I was prepared to meet several cats if necessary to find the right one for me. Luckily, I met Liberty while she was staying at the Fairmount Pet Shoppe, and fell in love immediately! Liber...more
ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴍᴀᴢᴇᴇ, ʙᴜᴛ ɪ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴛᴏ sᴘᴇʟʟ ʜᴇʀ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴀ ʏ ɪɴsᴛᴇᴀᴅ. ʜᴇʀ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ᴜsᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ʙᴏᴀʀᴅ ɪɴ ʟᴇ ...more
Oliver is loving life. He has a six foot cat tower and has too many toys to play with. He loves taking naps with us. For Christmas, his grandparents spoiled him with toys. Oliver has made our first house together feel like a home. We are overwhelmed...more
Horatio and Claudius
Since we adopted bonded kitten brothers Horatio "Jake" & Claudius "Elwood" 6 days ago, they played and explored together & fell asleep entwined on my lap their very first day home. Horatio is ever eager to cuddle up with his 4 humans with a huge purr...more
Kira, née Rosa
Rosa (who we renamed Kira after one of our favorite Star Trek characters,) just spent her first week at our home in West Philly! To be honest, we weren't entirely sure what to think when we first met her at Le Cat Café - she was balanced on a tall ...more
We got O'Malley (now renamed Buster) from the Fairmount Pet Shoppe through Green St. Rescue. He is such a sweet cat and reminded us of a previous cat we had years ago. He just took over right away and is at home in every room of our house. He sle...more
The very first time we saw Olaf we knew we were in love!! The kitten fit the perfect description of the baby kitty my son has always wanted. We had no idea that we would have found the most perfect cat on our very first try. From the moment we met Ol...more
Harper (formerly Gwen)
I found Green Street Rescue and Harper shortly after my German shepherd of 13 years passed away. I wasn’t quiet ready for a new dog but figured I could open my home to another cat especially since my resident cat was now by himself. At first Harper...more
Laney and Lacey
I adopted these bonded 18 week old sisters a week ago and they are just terrific! They are busy playful girls, but exceptionally loving. I am very happy I was blessed with them both.
I adopted Bingo a week ago and he joined my other kitty at home. I was nervous at first if they would get along (they look like identical twins) and within one day they were laying with each other!! It was love at first sight for these two boys! See...more
When I visited Le Cat Cafe, I found Beau (tux) overwhelmed, running and hiding, so I held him close in hopes of comforting him. Within minutes, he was relaxed on my lap. Over the next few days, I found myself missing Beau, and decided to adopt him. ...more
Little Girl a.k.a. Pebbles
Pebbles was adopted from Green Street Rescue in 2008. She was a very sweet and incredibly intelligent kitty. She got along with other cats and was absolutely precious. Sadly, Pebbles passed away of renal failure on Monday November 4th. In her honor, ...more
Hansel & Tigger (we changed her name to Gretel)
These two 4 month old kittens are siblings: brother and sister. Hansel is on the left and Tigger is on the right. They love to do just about everything together. I went in on Sat. Dec. 28th for Kitten Saturday (the last Saturday of every month), and ...more
I decided to foster Aspen for some company during quarantine but quickly knew she was going to be my cat. She made herself right at home from day one, and enjoys the quiet home life. Abandoned by her original owners and on the street for a short peri...more
We adopted Patty a little over a week ago after seeing her in the store window and knowing we wanted to meet her. We have absolutely loved having her join our little family. She enjoys naps on blankets and playing with catnip toys. She also likes exp...more
Samantha (Sam)
Two year old Tortoiseshell. Sam has been with us for a week now. Enjoying watching the birds and looks Very happy. Such a sweetheart.
We rescued Nori (previously, Babette) one week ago today from a foster home. On that day, Nori became a little sister to our other cat, Cleo. We slowly introduced the two, and now they are attached at the hip. Cleo was a very shy 2-year-old, but h...more
We love Hoover so much. He is a gentle, kind, and sweet soul. Immediately after bringing him home he was cuddling and playing with us. He's made himself extremely comfortable in our house. We are so grateful for GSR for bringing us together.
She is my best friend :) My favorite part of my day is waking up to her purring. She is a lovely and affectionate cat, and I am so glad I decided to adopt her.
Bee is a Tortie. She was adopted on July 4th. She loves hiding under the bed and taking naps on the ottoman.
It's been about a week since we adopted Ellie from GSR. We visited the cafe shortly after being approved for adoption and wanted to leave with a cat that same day. We took her home and she has adjusted fantastically. We bought her many toys, treats, ...more
Watson (formerly Meatball)
Watson (formerly Meatball) caught our attention at Le Cat Cafe when he greeted us at the door by rubbing up against our legs. He is now thriving in his furever home! Watson spends most of his time sleeping in cozy spots, playing with his bird-on-a-st...more
Dottie is a sweet and playful little kitty. Her favorite pastimes are chasing toy mice and napping in the sun. I adopted her a week ago and instantly fell in love. She was friendly and loving almost immediately and she is the cuddliest little cat. Do...more
We love GSR and the work that they do! We tried fostering cats but our cats at the time, Peepers and Mymi, made it clear that they would not go for that. After they crossed the rainbow bridge we reached out to GSR about acquiring a new family member ...more
Cornelia aka "Nelia"
We adopted Nelia on Halloween 2020 after a long, emotional week of rescuing, recuperating, and surrendering a street stray. We were worried we wouldn't find the same immediate connection with another cat, but Nelia stole our hearts as soon as we all ...more
2-3 year old tuxedo cat
Rebel (aka Kipp)
My granddaughter and son wanted to get me a new fur baby when my old fur baby passed after 19 yrs. Rebel is the most affectionate and loving little boy. He's between1 &2 yrs and has filled my broken heart.when I met him he picked me.he grabbed my han...more
Stella Lily Bell
Adorable domestic white with discolored tail and head. Yellow eyes, Squeaks like a little baby kitten, jumps around as if she's part kangaroo
I saw Caspar (I think his name at Green Street was Thor) in the window of the Fairmount Pet Shoppe, and fell in love! He’s a little sweetheart, and he loves his new apartment! He loves to cuddle, play with his ribbon and spring toys, and eat! He...more
Claire (now Moggy)
Moggy and her sister Philly (was Kimi) are enjoying the abundance of nooks and crannies around the tree, and are learning that the dog is their friend!
Philly (was Kimi)
Philly and her sister Moggy are enjoying every square inch of the house. It took a few days for Philly to be as bold as her sister but she is getting used to the dog and the kids!
Slippers & Appa
We adopted Slippers and Appa (formerly Mufasa and Shadow) about a week ago and cannot believe how quickly they have made themselves at home! We fell in love with their sweet, curious, and playful personalities the first time we met them in their fost...more
Miley Sirus
Miley Sirus is the sweetest little cat I could have asked for. When I brought her home, she made herself at home on the couch right away, and my roommates fell in love with her instantly. She is always happy to keep you company or contribute chirpy ...more
Ramen (formerly Jer) was basically love at first sight for me. We met at the cat cafe, spent the whole hour together, then I dreamt about him for days while waiting for my application to be approved. Since coming home with me this December, he has no...more
We have been waiting to have our own home so that we can adopt a cute kitten. As soon as we entered Le Cat Café, my beautiful Ludovico (Kaplan) received us at the entrance and immediately there was a connection, now he is the owner of our caresses ...more
Cecilia (Koa)
Koa is the most amazing kitty! I had spent so much time scouring adoption sites trying to find a lovable, cuddly kitten. Green Street Rescue approved my application in such a timely manner. Even better, the moment I met Koa I knew it was meant to b...more
Halle Berry
We adopted Halle Berry almost a year ago! We knew instantly that she was ours, and we got so lucky with her! Halle came out of her shell pretty quickly once she realized she was here to stay, and she absolutely rules the apartment now. She loves to p...more